Electronic application portal

Electronic application portal


Submit applications confidentially, easily and securely for the Flex Plan and Express Plan of the Blue Flex® product as well as the Association Program.


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Why use the electronic application portal?


  • Save time
    Our smart electronic application only asks for required sections to be completed.
  • Validate answers in real time
    Your client is involved each step of the sales process, making for a more interactive client experience.
  • Simplify the sales process 
    With this tool, you can complete non-face-to-face sales process no matter where you are.


How it works?


Take a look at the user guides.


Blue Flex Electronic Application Guide

Association Program Electronic Application Guide


Watch our tutorial videos.

Video 1: Access to Now Solutions Group



Video 2: Logging in

Video 3: Opening the client’s session

Video 4: Attaching the quotation


Video 5: Filling the application form


Video 6: Express Plan declarations


Video 7: Payment method


Video 8a: Signing the application agreements and signatures collection

Video 8b: Signing the application using your cell phone

Video 9: Section reserved for representative


Video 10: Create the PDF format of the electronic application

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