Removal of the insurance certificate from our letters


Removal of the insurance certificate from our letters

Dear valued partner,

For greater clarity and a better client experience, we have made some updates to correspondence that is sent to our clients.

Starting August 7, 2020, the new welcome letter will no longer include the insurance certificate, as it is being replaced by the Blue Cross identification card. The identification card will be mailed to the client a few days after the welcome letter and the insurance contract are sent out.

Please note that the Blue Cross identification card is not sent to clients with life and disability benefits. For clients with the travel benefit, the relevant information is reflected on the new letter.
In short, the main changes to the letters are as follows:
Cleaner visuals and thoroughly revised content
All important information such as our contact details and policy benefits now located in the upper right-hand corner where clients can easily find them
Removal of insurance certificate
These changes apply to welcome letters, contract modification letters and document reprints.

Included is a sample letter for your reference.

We are continually seeking ways to improve and provide our clients and partners with the best possible service.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Info-Partners:

1-800-361-2538 (option 2, then option 1)
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