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The small business version of a group health insurance plan

The small business version of a group health insurance plan

Does my business qualify for a health insurance plan?

If you own a small business, Blue Cross has a plan that can meet your needs and the needs of your employees. There is no minimum number of employees or years in business required to apply.

Small group insurance plans

Have you been declined for group coverage because of the size of your business? With a Blue Cross plan, your employees can pick and choose which plan best suits their needs, and as their employer, you can decide if you want to pay the policy premium or if the employee is responsible for the payment. Let us refer you to an insurance broker for more information.

Employee retention through benefit plans

Health insurance benefits are becoming more and more important for employee retention and in talent acquisition. When you offer an employee a benefits plan, you provide peace of mind and security for your employees and for yourself.

Protect yourself and your employees without any added expense to your business, and increase employee retention by making an insurance plan available. Employees can maintain their health insurance plan even if they leave the company. With a health insurance plan from Blue Cross, you can protect your health, your employees and your finances.

What do our insurance plans cover?

  • Dental visits and fees
  • Drug costs
  • Semi-private hospital rooms
  • Vision care
  • Paramedical expenses
  • Medical equipment
  • Travel insurance
  • And more…

Get started!

EQ Care virtual health care

With every eligible health insurance plan purchased, receive free medical support from your computer or mobile device 24/7. With EQ Care, you can talk to a doctor and receive a personalized care plan, all from the comfort of your own home.