Travel tips

Cities across the world are welcoming LGBT travellers, and most travel companies are now offering packages that are geared toward the LGBT community. Today, it’s estimated that gay and lesbian tourism equates to more than $65 billion per year in the US alone, and this number will only continue to climb and have an impact on the travel industry.

“Working on my tan” is one of the most popular activities for people during the summer and when on vacation somewhere south in the winter. Canadians love to spend time outdoors and soak up the sun. However, as research continues to show that it’s vital to protect the skin from too much sun exposure, many of us still get caught up in the desire to get a great tan.

Trips for singles and solo travellers are becoming more common. Tour operators around the globe are recognizing the increasing demand for travel options for singles. More people want to travel alone, and there are now more options available than ever.

Travelling by train is not something most people think about when they explore their vacation options. However, there are a number of relaxing and scenic train rides that are not only great trip options, they also give you a new way of exploring travel destinations.