Travel tips

A new culinary culture in Quebec City is getting foodies excited. Chefs in the area are adopting a localism approach, focused on using food produced locally. This change in cuisine is quickly transforming Quebec City into a new foodie destination, and is sure to attract foodies and travellers.

Each year, thousands of Canadians head to Florida for the winter. With the recent drop in real estate prices in the United States, many Canadian snowbirds are taking the opportunity to invest in a winter home instead of renting, as they have traditionally done in the past. However, now that the housing market is stabilizing, and with more snowbird destinations available around the world than ever before, it’s important to think twice about investing in real estate in Florida.

When planning a trip, a worst-case scenario is the last thing that most travellers consider. Whether you are planning on exploring Canada by car or by flight, you should be covered in case of an accident or illness. While you have medical coverage through your home province, it may not be enough if you travel to other provinces.

Summer should be a time of enjoying sunshine, family cookouts and vacations. While no one expects an incident to take place, sometimes they do occur. The best thing you can do this summer for your family is give them peace of mind by purchasing travel insurance for summer. You will have less to worry about and more time available to enjoy your vacation. Here are the top three reasons to choose Blue Cross coverage for your summer travel.