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Travel insurance that meets your needs.

$5,000,000 in coverage

with our Emergency Medical Care,
including COVID-19.

Flight Delay Service

included at no extra cost with
Blue Cross travel insurance*.

An affordable solution

for unlimited trips with
the Annual plan.

Comprehensive insurance with your choice of coverages.





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Assistance services available to support you.

  • Help with travel preparation: Required documents, required vaccinations, the closest healthcare facilities at your destination.
  • Flight Delay Service: Access to an airport lounge and a hotel room depending on the duration of the delay.
  • Support from a specialized team: 24/7 travel assistance worldwide in 140 languages, referral to a healthcare facility, coordination of care, ongoing support, repatriation.
  • Assistance in the United States: access to one of the largest networks of healthcare providers and facilities in the United States.

Do you have several trips planned this year?

Discover our Annual travel insurance plan, an affordable solution which covers trips outside your home province all year long.

Travelling as a couple***
  • 17-day vacations in Florida
  • 8-day all-inclusive trip to Mexico 
  • 4-day romantic getaway in Plattsburgh
  • 3-day long weekend at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Ontario
With the 17-day Annual Plan

46% savings with the Annual plan

You can count on us for all your adventures.

*The following products are not eligible for the Flight Delay Service: Visitors to Canada, travel insurance for groups and health insurance products (including those with travel coverage).
***Based on the example of two 55-year-old adults purchasing the Emergency Medical Care coverage for the Annual plan compared to the Individual plan.

® Registered trademarks of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans (CABCP) licensed to the Canassurance Hospital Service Association (CHSA), an independent member of CABCP operating in Quebec as Québec Blue Cross and in Ontario as Ontario Blue Cross.