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Personal Protection - 18 to 59 years old

Hospitalization and Diagnostic Services


100% reimbursement (no deductible) of expenses for semi-private room accommodation:

  • In a hospital for short-term medical care, unlimited number of days
  • In a public or private convalescent home, or in a rehabilitation centre, combined maximum of 90 days per year
  • Compensation of $25 per day of hospitalization from the 4th to 18th day inclusive, if you have to stay in a ward due to the unavailability of a private or semi-private room.

Diagnostic Services

80% reimbursement, after the annual deductible of $50, of the following eligible expenses:

  • laboratory tests : blood and urine tests, throat culture and cytology
  • Scanner (CT scans), up to $250 per calendar year
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), up to $675 per calendar year
  • ultrasound, up to $100 per calendar year
  • polysomnography, up to $500 per period of 24 months
  • home nursing care by a registered nurse, up to 20 8-hour periods, maximum 160 hours per calendar year
  • purchase or rental of non-motorized wheelchair or manual hospital bed
  • emergency ambulance transportation (for people under the age of 65)

Please note: the Hospitalization and Diagnostic Services benefits are payable up to a lifetime maximum of $100,000.

Travel Insurance - 15 Day Medical Coverage

When you travel outside of Quebec, this coverage reimburses expenses and services arising from an emergency due to an accident or a sudden illness.

The maximum reimbursement is $5 million per insured per trip of 15 days or less.

Hospital, medical and paramedical expenses

  • Cost of hospitalization
  • Physicians' fees
  • Nurse's services
  • $2,000 per accident for dental care after an accident
  • $200 for a dental surgeon's fees for any other emergency treatment
  • $100 per hospitalization for hospital-related expenses
  • Laboratory tests and X-rays
  • Drugs prescribed by a physician, in case of an emergency
  • Purchase or rental of crutches, canes, and splints
  • Rental of wheelchairs, orthopedic devices, and other medical devices

Subsistence allowance

$3,000 (maximum $200 per day) for accommodation and meals when return must be delayed.

Transportation expenses

  • Transportation costs to the nearest medical facility
  • Repatriation to Quebec
  • Round-trip for a family member or a friend to visit the insured hospitalized outside Quebec
  • Baggage return when the insured is repatriated for medical reasons, up to a maximum of $300
  • $7,500 for preparation and repatriation of the deceased or for cremation or burial at place of death

Medical Follow-up in Canada

When the insured is repatriated in Canada for medical reasons, the following expenses are covered:

  • Cost of a semi-private room in a hospital or a rehabilitation centre or a convalescent home up to a maximum of $1,000
  • Fees for home nursing care, up to a maximum of $50 per day, maximum 10 days
  • Cost for the rental of medical devices such as crutches, standard walkers, canes, up to a maximum of $150
  • Cost for transportation by an ambulance or taxi in order to receive medical care up to a maximum of $250

Travel assistance

Telephone service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering the following services:

  • Referral to a physician, hospital or to a lawyer in case of accident
  • Follow-up on medical file and settlement of certain formalities
  • Assistance in the event of loss or theft of identity papers and services of an interpreter for emergency calls
  • Information on embassies and consulates


IMPORTANT NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS – In accordance with official government recommendations, and given the limited availability of medical resources worldwide, it is imperative that all travellers currently abroad return to Canada as soon as possible.

NOTICE TO INSURED PERSONS – To allow us to respond to urgent requests from travellers currently abroad and to reduce waiting times, please contact us by phone only if your trip is scheduled to take place in less than 72 hours.

SUSPENSION OF SALES – In order to contribute to collective efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to suspend sales of new travel insurance policies until further notice. This decision stems from our desire to protect the health and wellness of our insureds.

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