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Travel Insurance

We guide you at every step of your journey, anywhere in the world, with our simple and flexible insurance.


Single-trip Travel Insurance for Canadian Residents

Whether it's for a short getaway in Ontario or the United States, or for your next adventure on the other side of the world, we protect you if something unexpected happens, as soon as you leave Quebec.

  • Customizable travel insurance coverage
  • Worldwide support
  • Travel assistance available 24 hours a day
  • Flight Delay Service included at no extra charge

Our Coverage

Emergency Medical Care

Coverage up to $5,000,000 in case of accident or illness

Trip Cancellation or Interruption

Covers in case of cancellation, interruption, or unexpected modification of the trip

Accidental Death or Dismemberment

Covers up to $300,000 in case of death or loss of use of a limb

Baggage coverage

Against delays, loss, theft, or damage

Travelling more than once a year?
Annual plan will make it simple to travel as much as you want while staying insured


Visitors to Canada Insurance

For work or study, to visit or settle in, we protect you if something unexpected happens, from the moment you arrive in Canada.

  • Covers doctors' fees, prescription medication, and hospitalization costs
  • Up to $2,000 for emergency dental care following an accident
  • Emergency repatriation to your home country if necessary

Emergency Medical Care

Choice of coverage limits for emergency medical and dental care up to $150,000

We guide you at every step of the way.



Prepare for your trip with our expert advice: baggage, flight, requirements at the travel destination, and much more.


24/7 Accessibility

In case of a medical emergency, our assistance team is available 24/7 to guide you, wherever you are.



Over the phone or online, our secure services allow you to make your claims with confidence.

Frequently asked questions


Medical insurance is essential the moment you leave Quebec. The Canada Health Act requires provincial public health insurance to cover your medical costs in Quebec only; the public plan is not required to cover any medical costs outside the province. In fact, public health insurance covers only a small portion of medical and hospital costs incurred outside Quebec. For example, it may cover $50 for a medical consultation and $100 per day for hospitalization. Because medical costs are significantly higher abroad – particularly in the United States – without travel insurance, your financial security is at risk. Some fees abroad may be very costly.

If you become sick or injured while you’re away, your travel insurance can cover:

  • Accommodation costs and meals for your spouse or travel companion
  • Transportation costs if your return is delayed due to accident or illness when you have purchased trip interruption with medical coverage
  • Cost of medical evacuation by land or air ambulance, or by commercial flight
  • Repatriation costs for your children if you are hospitalized
  • Transportation costs to bring a loved one to you if you are hospitalized for seven days or more
  • Vehicle return costs to drive your vehicle or motor home to your home if you cannot drive due to accident or illness

These are costs the Quebec public plan does not cover and that you would be responsible for if you do not have travel insurance. Take a look at the products we have to offer.

The coverage provided by your credit card company may have limitations or restrictions. It is important to review your policy thoroughly for coverage details. It is often recommended that you purchase additional coverage for complete protection.

Check your credit card coverage for the following:

Travel duration
Travel insurance cannot be purchased once you depart from Quebec. It is important to check the length of stay covered by your credit card company, as well as any restrictions based on age.
Emergency medical care coverage
There are often strict eligibility and stability requirements based on your current health. Make sure you understand the exclusions in your coverage prior to your departure. You could be quite unhappy to learn that a health condition is excluded right when you need emergency medical care. Also make sure the coverage amounts are enough, and inquire about any deductibles you may have to pay.
Trip cancellation or interruption
If you incurred fees up front, make sure the amount covered under trip interruption/cancellation is enough to save you from financial losses. Most credit card companies do not cover trip interruption or cancellation, and when they do, the maximums are not sufficient to fully cover your costs. Blue Cross can provide you with coverage that protects you in the case of unforeseen situations.

Protect yourself and your family. Don’t risk your financial security with incomplete coverage. With Blue Cross travel insurance, you enjoy complete medical coverage by a travel insurance company recognized around the world.

Blue Cross travel insurance offers several deductible amounts if you wish to reduce your insurance premium, but they are not mandatory. If you do choose a deductible, you are responsible for any costs up to the chosen deductible amount.

That’s only partially true. Medical costs are covered across Canada, but provincial health plans:

  • do not offer the same services to non-resident travellers as they do to residents (even though you are Canadian, you are considered a non-resident even if you live in a neighbouring province)
  • vary from one province to another and do not pay the same rates in all provinces

Below are some examples of costs you may need to pay in a neighbouring province:

  • Return of vehicle
  • Air ambulance
  • Relatives visiting when you are hospitalized

There are billing agreements between certain provinces, but not all. Since medical costs vary from one province to another, what may be sufficient to cover a medical service in one province may not be enough to cover the same service in another.

An illness that already exists at departure is pre-existing. You must declare any pre-existing conditions when purchasing travel insurance to verify whether they are covered. For more information, please read the Travel Insurance Policy or contact one of our agents.
If you have any additional questions regarding travel insurance coverage for your health condition, please contact one of our agents.

The Canadian government health insurance does not cover visitors to the country. If you are visiting Canada, a student, a foreign worker, if you are returning to the country after a long absence, a newcomer waiting to be eligible for provincial health insurance, or a Super Visa applicant, individual coverage is recommended.

Only reasonable and usual medical and surgical charges are covered at 100% under this plan. Individuals without provincial health care insurance are sometimes charged higher fees for treatment than the fees set and allowed by the government schedule of the province where the medical service is rendered. Blue Cross does not refund any additional fees that some doctors may charge.

Yes, you can buy a Visitors to Canada plan if you meet the following criteria.  

The contract must be purchased: 

  • Before your date of arrival in Canada, or 
  • Before the termination date of an insurance coverage in Canada similar to ours that you hold with another insurance company, or 
  • Within 30 days of either of the two preceding dates. 

Individuals who purchase after the effective date of another insurance contract offering similar coverage in Canada must present proof of that insurance. 
When the contract is purchased within 30 days of the date of arrival in Canada or the termination date of an insurance coverage in Canada similar to ours, there is a waiting period of 3 days from the date of purchase. 
During this waiting period, insured persons are covered for accidents and injuries, but not for illness. 

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