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Travel tips

One of the benefits of living in Canada is having access to universal health care that covers a large part of the medical care you receive if you have an illness or accident. However, this coverage is not available immediately for new immigrants or Canadians moving back to Canada after a long absence. Fortunately, there are supplementary insurance solutions specifically designed to provide all the coverage you need, as soon as you arrive.

While many people wonder why anyone would want to travel alone, others think solo adventures are the best! As for me, I prefer travelling by myself, because it allows me to interact more with local people and step out of my comfort zone. Whether you want to have time to yourself or you’d like a challenge, there are lots of reasons to travel alone. Travelling by yourself requires courage and forethought. Here’s some advice to help ensure you enjoy a memorable and rewarding experience.


Travelling with a mobile device on hand makes organizing your travels so much easier. Whether you’re hunting for the ideal hotel room or want to take that perfect picture, there are a lot of apps and sites available to help you. Here are a few you might want to visit and download as you prepare for your next trip.

While most people make sure they’re well protected at home, in everyday life, they sometimes forget that it’s important to take the same precautions when travelling out of their home country and while visiting Canada. When accidents happen, the resulting costs for hospital care and other medical expenses can quickly become a heavy burden.


Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for a long vacation. Yet a few days away may be all you need to relax and enjoy a change of scenery. Here are 10 short-haul destinations to inspire you where you can have a great time, despite a lack of time.

In a travel health clinic, we offer a lot of advice about hepatitis A and B. Both forms of hepatitis are easily preventable by being vaccinated and public health officials recommend immunization for most travel destinations. These common vaccines are part of the basic immunization schedules for children, and most travellers tend to be vaccinated on a preventative basis. But do you really know what hepatitis A and B are?