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Travel tips

It’s impossible to predict when we’ll be able to safely travel again. Several travel restrictions remain in place across the world and health officials continue to recommend avoiding non-essential travel. But if you need to travel outside your province of residence for essential reasons—like work, or if you have family obligations—travel insurance is more important than ever before. 

Travelling through books is a great way to get a break from everyday life during a pandemic! After months of lockdown and many travel restrictions, it’s starting to be difficult for travel enthusiasts like me to meet our needs for the exotic and adventurous. Fortunately, some works are a precious source of exile. Here are some of my favourite travel reads.


Most people who reside in Canada neglect to purchase travel insurance when taking trips within the country, assuming their provincial health insurance plan covers them from coast to coast. However, this coverage has various limitations which are important to know before travelling to another Canadian province.

While your summer 2020 plans may not have originally been to stay at home in Quebec, our province offers plenty of fantastic travel options. We are blessed with huge and varied national parks, quaint small towns that serve up gourmet delights, world-class resorts and spas, and a bounty of natural experiences. From close to home vacations to mini-breaks and daytrips, we have trip ideas to help make this summer an awesome one, right here in our own backyards.

With its extreme weather, winter is often the most dreaded time of year. But that same weather also provides an opportunity to enjoy special and memorable activities. To make the most of the season despite the cold, here are some suggested activities you won’t want to miss. Get out your tuque, scarf, and mittens—it’s time to play in the snow!