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Travel tips

This Halloween, we decided to put together a list of eerie destinations with a past sure to send shivers down your spine, even if you’re skeptical about the supernatural.

Whether it’s the allure of mountainous landscapes or taking on a physical challenge, high altitude hiking and trekking attracts a lot of travellers every year. It’s an activity that comes with risks and you really should be prepared. Here’s some essential advice before you embark on your ascent.

Your vacation is fast approaching and you want to enjoy the sun, maybe improve on your tan and feel re-energized? A well-deserved rest. You should be aware, though, that not planning properly for your exposure to the sun’s rays can have a negative impact on your holiday. Whether you’re travelling in Canada or elsewhere, you need to be careful not to sunburn so you can fully enjoy your vacation.

Many travellers like to stretch their legs while enjoying the fresh air in a hiking excursion abroad. There are tons of places to discover around the globe and the hiking options are plentiful. Whether you’re an occasional hiker or a trekking enthusiast, we’ve compiled some suggestions to help you decide on your next hiking dream vacation.

Whether you prefer short outings or long trips, having a first aid kit that fits to your travel style is an essential element of travelling abroad. A first aid kit affords you some autonomy in dealing with minor scrapes without having to head to the local pharmacy. There are some basic items you should always include when preparing your emergency travel kit. Here are my recommendations as a travel nurse on what to include in your complete kit.

Parenting at home every day is a challenge in and of itself. But parenting during a family vacation abroad is an even greater adventure, especially the first few times. To make sure that the whole family gets the most out of the experience and can truly enjoy the vacation, here are some tips to help your trip go as smoothly as possible.