Travel tips

Let’s face it, camping isn’t for everyone. From sleeping in a tent, to the bathroom situation, for some, it’s no holiday. And even for people who absolutely love it, it can be a lot of work. That’s where Glamping comes in.

One of the biggest challenges travellers face – even seasoned ones - is packing enough to fit in a suitcase and carry-on bag without making it difficult to get around. We’ve all been in situations when packing lightly, we forget an important item. Inevitably, we’ve said to ourselves, “I could really use a (fill in the blank) right now.” This is why multi-functional items are great. They conserve space and they’re versatile.

Many people enjoy having house guests. It’s a great way to have an extended visit with family or friends. It gives you the chance to entertain and play host for an evening or more, depending on how long your guests will stay. It can also be stressful: perhaps your in-laws are coming for a visit and you want the house to be perfect, or your guests are friends whom you really want to impress. Or you may even rent your home or a room.

Every March, families and students eagerly hit the vacation trail in the annual ritual - Spring Break! We’ve put together some handy tips to help you make the most of your next spring getaway.