Travel tips

When I consult on travel health issues, the people who come to me often have questions about travellers’ diarrhea and that is regardless of what sort of trip they’re planning. So, I’ve come up with some FAQ (frequently asked questions) to help you be more aware about “Bali Belly” prevention during your trip or on your return.

Whether you’re a seasoned Snowbird or someone new to travel, medications and travel plans need careful attention. To ensure you avoid hassles and delays at customs or for simple peace of mind, read the following tips to get the most out of your trip.


Who hasn’t heard of travellers’ diarrhea? It’s also known as “Bali Belly” and is among the most frequent complaints afflicting all sorts of globetrotters in some of the most travelled destinations. While it’s usually benign, it is very uncomfortable and can really wreck your stay. To make sure your holiday is thoroughly pleasant, follow the guidelines we offer here.

Paying for goods and services by credit card when travelling is so easy and convenient that most people don’t give a second thought. Credit cards are widely accepted worldwide, they’re often easier to use than cash and they’re often tied to loyalty programs. But convenience has a price.

Health retreat getaways are growing in popularity as a vacation option. Travellers increasingly want to make health and wellness part of their trip. Not only do they want to visit a new destination and experience a new culture, they also want to relax, decompress, ease the mind and treat the body.