Flight Delay Service

At no extra cost.

Interested in the service?

At Blue Cross®, part of our mission is to offer you the very best protection. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Flight Delay Service at no extra cost to anyone with Blue Cross travel insurance1. It provides you a range of benefits if your flight is delayed, including access to an airport lounge or even a hotel room, depending on the length of the delay.

If your flight is delayed, you get more.

3 hours or more Access to an airport lounge2
6 hours or more Hotel Roomper policy
$50 allowance per person up to a maximum of $200 per policy4

How to benefit cost-free from our Flight Delay Service

Anyone covered by Blue Cross travel insurance  can benefit from this service at no extra cost.

IMPORTANT: You can register your details up to 1 hour before
your departure time. To register, simply:

Create an account

Select a means of payment for compensation payouts (Interac, bank transfer)

Enter your flight details and insurance policy number

How does the Flight Delay Service work?



Once you’ve registered, our system tracks your flight in real time. If your flight is delayed, you’ll receive a text message (SMS) or e-mail telling you how to benefit from the service.

Messages include:

  • notifications of flight delays
  • coupons for the lounge and hotel
  • notifications of fund transfers

If you have any other questions, take a look at our FAQ.

1The policyholder of Québec Blue Cross travel insurance and each person included on the contract of the policyholder are eligible for the Flight Delay Service. The following products are not eligible for the Flight Delay Service: Visitors to Canada, travel insurance for groups and health insurance products (including those with travel coverage).
2These benefits are provided to each person covered by the contract and registered on the delayed flight. If no airport lounge is available, you will receive $40 in compensation for each person named on the contract.
3Reservations are carried out by our reservation service. No more than one hotel room is provided for all travellers covered by a single Québec Blue Cross travel insurance policy. If no hotel room is available, you will receive a one-off compensation of $250.
4Monetary compensation are limited to $1000 per contracts. Annual plans are limited to $1000 per 12 months period.