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Health tips

Just as we accumulate money in an RRSP to ensure our financial health, our brains make reserves for healthy aging. Several factors influence this phenomenon, but one of the best ways to enhance it is by challenging our brainpower.

If we were all addicted to screens before the pandemic, we’ve certainly upped the hours we put in since it began. We spend all day interacting with our digital devices while stuck inside for both work and play. Add in all the virtual meetings and other virtual gatherings that have become part of our new norm, and that can put a real strain on our eyes.

Spring is a time when the trees come back to life and flowers start to bloom, but for some this time is also synonymous with sneezing, sniffling and watery eyes. Find out what causes seasonal allergies and how to prevent them. 


With restrictions still in place, it’s hard to know when gyms will reopen. If running is part of your training program, don’t let the cold stop you. By taking some basic precautions, it’s very possible to run in the winter without getting injured.