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Montreal, December 5, 2019 – The Canassurance Hospital Service Association (Blue Cross® Canassurance™) and Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada will enter into a Canada-wide alliance as of January 2, 2020. Blue Cross Canassurance will become a shareholder of Blue Cross Life, in alignment with the other members of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans.


“Blue Cross Canassurance is very pleased to join Blue Cross Life together with the other Blue Cross member plans. This alliance will contribute to strengthening the collaboration between the various Blue Cross plans across Canada, thus reinforcing our ability to provide excellent products and services to our customers and business partners”, stated Sylvain Charbonneau, President and CEO of Blue Cross Canassurance.


The Blue Cross plans always favored working collaboratively to optimize their individual and shared strengths in order to offer customers solutions that support improved health and wellness. This important agreement will enable Blue Cross Canassurance to ensure that it meets the evolving needs of its customers.


“This alliance marks an important step in achieving our strategy of operating on a truly national level; it strengthens our business while improving our capacity to work with the Blue Cross plans throughout Canada”, stated Marie-Josée Martin, President and CEO of Blue Cross Life.


As this alliance is subject to approval by regulatory authorities, a submission has been filed with Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI).


About Blue Cross Canassurance

The Canassurance Hospital Service Association (Blue Cross Canassurance) contributed to introducing health and travel insurance to Quebec and Ontario. Founded over 75 years ago, the organization is built on solid foundation of excellence and continues to be the reference standard for individual insurance and assistance, thanks to services that continually adapt to the changing needs of its clients. It operates under the names Québec Blue Cross® and Ontario Blue Cross® and provides assistance through its subsidiary CanAssistance Inc.


About Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada

Blue Cross Life is a federally-licensed company with operations located in several provinces. The Company is owned by four shareholders, operating as Alberta Blue Cross, Saskatchewan Blue Cross, Manitoba Blue Cross, Medavie Blue Cross. It specializes in life and living benefits insurance to supplement the portfolio of health and dental products distributed by its shareholder Blue Cross plans.


For more information, please contact:
Blue Cross Canassurance
Josiane Cousineau

Blue Cross Life
Jennifer Taylor


  Ontario Blue Cross® breaks new ground in travel insurance with a first in North America: Serenity ServiceTM.


  Launch of Québec Blue Cross® mentoring program in palliative homecare


May 9, 2019 Québec Blue Cross is proud to join NOVA Montréal in launching the Québec Blue Cross mentoring program in palliative homecare. This initiative is aligned with our commitment to contribute to the wellbeing of our communities by supporting organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in need.


Improved end-of-life homecare


More and more people express the desire to live out their final days at home. To ensure that these patients get the right treatment for their specific needs, it is important that professional health care providers acquire skills appropriate to palliative homecare.


This program is unique in Québec in offering free, accredited training to palliative homecare nurses in local community service centres (CLSC) across the province. It will be rolled out over a period of five years and offer the following training options:


  • Theory courses (in-person or videoconference)
  • Clinical mentoring for nurses who wish to accompany NOVA nurses on homecare visits
  • Telephone support for immediate assistance from NOVA Montréal specialists

With this program, NOVA Montréal will help more end of life patients receive the care they need in the setting they have chosen for this critical stage.


About NOVA Montréal


NOVA Montréal is a not-for-profit community-based organization whose mission is to provide personalized homecare to patients who are ill or nearing the end of life. Their services include support for adults and children with chronic illness and palliative homecare.


We feel very privileged to support an organization whose work has a vital impact on the lives of people whose health is compromised and those facing end of life, as well as their caregivers.


  The healing power of humour


Dr. Clown Foundation is receiving $160,000 over four years in support of mental health initiatives associated with therapeutic clowning for paediatric patients. The multi-year funding commitment from Blue Cross will support ongoing programing and program sustainability.


Dr. Clown is an innovative arts-in-healthcare organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for hospitalized children and youth through clowning that combines social interaction, games and imagination. Their trained clowns offer free and spontaneous interventions, engaging and empowering patients while creating a safe space for emotional expression.


Quick Facts

• Hospital clowns have been shown to reduce anxiety and help paediatric patients with stressors such as separation from their parents/families and fear of treatments/ procedures, while helping them adapt to their hospital environment.1
• Therapeutic clowning can stimulate laughter, foster creativity and self-expression, serve as a distraction from the situation at-hand, and create social connections.1
• Laughter is known to reduce pain, strengthen the body’s immune function and decrease stress.


About Dr. Clown

Every day, the Dr. Clown Foundation works hard to create joyful relationships with children, adults and seniors in institutions through the visits of our therapeutic clowns. These encounters are coloured with caring and respect as we infuse the institutions we visit with humour and joy.


Associated Links

1Clowning as a supportive measure in paediatrics - a survey of clowns, parents and nursing staff.


  Québec Blue Cross® breaks new ground in travel insurance with a first in North America: Serenity ServiceTM.





Québec Blue Cross is proud to announce the launch of Serenity Service, in partnership with BLINK, an Insurtech firm specializing in data-based digital travel disruption insurance solutions.


Serenity Service is automatically available at no extra cost to Blue Cross travel insurance customers.


Comfort for our clients


Serenity Service provides insured travellers whose flights are delayed exclusive advantages to ensure their comfort. Depending on the length of the delay, the service offers privileged access either to an airport lounge or a nearby hotel room.


All a traveller has to do is create an account on and then register their flight information and Québec Blue Cross policy number. All flights are tracked in real-time and the traveller is automatically informed, by text message or email, the moment the flight posts a delay of at least three hours.


A first in North America


“New technologies enable us to be there for our clients, from the moment their trip begins, when situations beyond their control, such as a delayed flight, can bring on a lot of stress,” stated Sylvain Charbonneau, President and CEO of the company. “We’re very proud to be the first insurer in North America to provide travellers with this type of real-time service.”


Blue Cross® was voted Most Trust Brand™ in travel insurance by Canadian consumers in 2017 and 2018.

  Mégane saw her dream trip come true, thanks to Children’s Wish and Blue Cross®.

Mégane Tardif, 17, talks about battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A story about a young woman’s dreams for her future.

Blue Cross voted #3 in Baxter Travel Media’s 2017 Agents’ Choice Awards!

Thank you to all our travel agent partners for voting for us! Blue Cross has been voted #3 in the Baxter Travel Media’s 2017 Agent’s Choice Awards. We strive to bring our travel agents the best service and products for their clients. Our team is dedicated to supporting our travel agent partners in providing Canadians with the highest quality travel insurance coverage available. We are honoured to be voted one of Canada’s top three insurance providers in the insurance category.

Canadians rank Blue Cross as Canada’s most reputable health insurance brand

In its first year in the Leger ranking of Canada’s most reputable companies, Blue Cross has debuted as the #1 health benefits provider in the insurance sector—ahead of other established benefits providers. Blue Cross also ranked in the top third of the most reputable brands in Canada.

Blue Cross was measured across a number of reputational categories and scored highest among health benefit providers for corporate citizenship, quality, honesty and transparency. The brand also earned a high awareness rating of 89 per cent.

Of the 230 brand reputations assessed through the survey, which includes retail and consumer brands, Blue Cross ranks within the top 100 brands in Canada at #75 on the top 100 list.

The Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans is comprised of seven regional, not-for-profit health benefits providers that collectively serve more than 7 million Canadians. Each operates independently to provide health, dental, life, disability and travel coverage for workplaces and individuals from coast to coast. The Association is affiliated with the worldwide Blue Cross Blue Shield network. The Blue Cross ranking in the Canadian study reaffirms Blue Cross as the most recognized and trusted health care brand in the world.

Leger polled more than 25,000 Canadians for the survey of 230 companies in January 2016. Results are published in Marketing Magazine.

Mystery Shopping and Lottery Scam Notice

Blue Cross has been made aware of “mystery shopper” and “lottery” scams that include counterfeit cheques with a facsimile of the Blue Cross logo. Be advised that all such documents are fraudulent and are not related to or sanctioned by Blue Cross in any way.

We never participate in gaming activities and do not issue cheques like these.

We are monitoring the situation and have security measures in place to ensure fraudulent cheques are not processed.

Your privacy and the security of your assets is of the utmost importance to us. If you have received one of these letters and/or cheques, please keep a copy and advise us immediately.  If you have any questions, please contact us.



Blue Cross’s expertise in travel and health insurance is reflected in various publications that attest to its international leadership as well as its proactive and caring approach to customers.

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