Any unintentional, sudden and unforeseeable event due exclusively to an external cause of a violent nature and inflicting, directly or independently of all other causes, bodily injuries while this contract is in effect.


Your age at the last anniversary of your birthday.

Contract holder

The person who subscribed to the insurance policy.

Day surgery

A surgical operation at a hospital or department associated with a hospital that does not require hospitalization and in which the insured person is given leave the same day as the operation.


The amount deducted from the eligible fees by the insurer before it makes a payment under the contract. The amount of the deductible indicated in the contract summary is deducted, each calendar year, from the eligible fees engaged by the insured person.

Dependent child

A dependent child is defined as a child of the contract holder, his or her spouse or both, over 14 days old and under 25 years and not married, who is dependent on the contract holder. Depending on the contract, a dependent child may have to meet other criteria, such as attending an educational institution full time as a registered student. See your contract for details.

Health professional

Any health professional mentioned in the contract who is a member in good standing of his or her professional order or corporation and who practises within the limits of his or her field of competency according to the law.


The admission to and stay at a hospital, for at least one day, as a bedridden patient, due to illness, pregnancy or accident.

Insured person

The principal insured person, his or her spouse and/or dependent children, according to what is indicated in the contract summary.

Lifetime maximum

The maximum amount payable by the insurer for a given benefit. Once the maximum is attained, the associated benefit automatically ends.


A person who is legally authorized to practise medicine in his or her field of competency. The physician must not be the insured person or a close relative.

Principal insured person

The person insured under an insurance plan, not including the spouse or dependent children.


The person united to the contract holder by marriage or a person of the opposite sex who has been living permanently with the contract holder for over one (1) year. The spouse is the person designated as such on the proposal. Dissolution of the marriage by divorce, annulment or legal separation, as well as de facto separation for more than three (3) months, cancels the status of spouse.

Important: Each insured person shall consult their insurance contract for definitions that are specific to it.