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Health insurance for recent immigrants

Health insurance for recent immigrants

Waiting for the governmental health insurance plan to start?

If you are a recent arrival to Canada, be aware that you have to apply to the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) in order to enroll in the public health insurance plan. Generally it takes 3 months for your application to be approved and for you to receive your health insurance card. Prior to your acceptance in the public plan, you will be financially responsible for any health related costs that you incur.
Luckily our Blue Cross Visitors to Canada plan can cover you during that time. It was originally designed for tourists visiting Canada, but also serves:

  • Immigrants waiting for their Canadian resident status
  • Foreign students or workers in Canada
  • Expatriates coming back after a long absence

Protect yourself with an insurance plan that covers you should a medical emergency arise. Additionally, once you're enrolled in the RAMQ plan, you are eligible for our Blue Cross personal health insurance plan that covers expenses the RAMQ doesn't cover. Get a quote for Visitors to Canada plan!

Limitations of provincial health coverage

As Quebecers, we are privileged to have access to one of the best health care systems in the world. Essential coverage is available to everyone, but even the best health care program cannot cover everything. Make sure you know what is and isn't covered by the RAMQ, and protect yourself from the expenses that are not covered.

What type of insurance plan do you need until your RAMQ coverage starts?

Blue Cross Visitors to Canada insurance plan provides the coverage you need for emergency medical care costs, ambulance transportation and hospitalization fees until you are covered by the RAMQ.

Many people aren't aware of the costs associated with a medical emergency. Without insurance, you are responsible for the medical care costs of an injury, accident or unexpected illness. Blue Cross offers you protection against such unexpected costs until your enrolment in RAMQ is approved. Protect your health and your finances with a Blue Cross Health insurance plan.

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