Getting married

Marriage is more than a new step in life -- it’s a commitment!

In our society today, marriage has become more of a choice than a necessity. For many, this type of union represents a commitment, the first step toward purchase of a home, toward family life. Are you newly wed? Congratulations! Perhaps you’re considering buying a house and starting a family. Remember that such steps are both wonderful and stressful in their ways. Why not give yourselves peace of mind with the help of Blue Cross?

Blue Cross peace of mind

With Blue Cross health insurance, you protect yourself and your family’s health as well as your financial security with guarantees that you choose. What would happen if an accident or illness kept you from working? Would you be able to pay for your daily and monthly expenses? With Blue Cross health insurance, you can concentrate on getting better rather than worrying about your family and finances.

Invaluable advice

The arrival of a child is a miraculous event. The first days at home with your newborn can be stressful, though. With Blue Cross health insurance, you can rest assured with our Blue Cross Assistance program, which offers the invaluable advice of a nurse. If you had to stay at the hospital for longer than two days after giving birth, you could also benefit from domestic help at home -- at no extra cost.

With a health insurance plan from Blue Cross, you can protect your health and your finances. Focus on starting your life together and forget about managing medical bills. Get a free, no obligation quote.