Newly widowed

Newly widowed

My spouse passed away and my insurance coverage was cancelled. What now?

Dealing with the loss of a spouse is difficult. After the initial shock wears off, there are arrangements that need to be made, paperwork to fill out and if the spouse had group insurance benefits, sometimes those benefits terminate after a period of time. So where does that leave you? Blue Cross has affordable health insurance plans that are comparable to the group insurance plan benefits you previously had, regardless of your age. In addition, our products require no medical exam.

An unavoidable transition

A major loss is mourned one day at a time, step by step as the sadness is felt and the daily reality faced. A death brings with it not only all the emotion but also many questions. Should I move? What is my new financial situation? What are my personal needs? These are important questions that deserve time and thought. Perhaps now is a good time to consider your health insurance needs to ensure you have peace of mind during a difficult period. Blue Cross offers health insurance products that meet your needs. Contact one of our representatives who will take the time to listen to your needs and propose the right product for you.

Many people underestimate the costs involved in losing a loved one. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of advanced planning to ensure you have as much peace of mind as possible when you need it the most. With Blue Cross health insurance, you protect your health and your finances.