Insurance for Small Businesses

SMEs Plan: Comprehensive insurance

This plan is designed for the owners of small and medium enterprises and their employees, providing owners with an alternative to traditional group benefit plans.

The program offers several essential benefits: disability, overhead expenses, hospital allowance, term life, complementary illness, prescription drugs, and dental care.

Because this program is based on individual insurance policies, there are many advantages over traditional group plans:

  • Coverage is completely portable for owners and employees should they leave the company.
  • New businesses are immediately eligible to apply.
  • Businesses that do not normally qualify for traditional group coverage because of length of time in business, type of business, or not-for-profit status are eligible.
  • No minimum employer contributions are required.
  • Flexible insurance coverage options.
  • Superior disability coverage.

For more information on the Express Plan, including benefits, eligibility, and special features, please refer to the brochure link below or contact your Blue Cross insurance broker for information and a quotation.

PDF_32 See brochure for more details.