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We're continually making efforts to provide you with the support and guidance you need. Wherever you may be, your health and safety are our priority. When planning your next getaway, please refer to our guide to safe travel.
Last update: October 31, 2022


Support and advice

Before traveling, read about 
government advisories


Travel with the proper coverage

Have the proper coverage for the duration of your trip. View our guide to choose your travel insurance


Insurance for a trip within Canada

Even within Canada, travel insurance is essential. Find out why

Solutions to support you


Virtual health care service*

Free consultations with health professionals in the comfort of your home.

* The benefits eligible for virtual health care services are listed on this site.


New insurance policies

Our insurance policies have been rewritten to make them easier to understand and to enhance our coverage.


Assistance Program legal information services*

Unlimited access to free telephone consultations with lawyers.

* The Assistance Program is included in some Québec Blue Cross® health insurance contracts.

Date modified: 2022-10-31