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Prescription drug coverage

Plans including drug coverage start at $29.98/month*


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*Based on the Blue Flex plan for a man aged 18 to 39.

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Drug insurance in Québec

Whether for a chronic disease or the occasional illness, access to prescription drugs is essential. In Québec, everyone must have coverage for drug costs at all times. You must have either the public RAMQ insurance or private insurance such as a group plan. Only those who are not eligible for private insurance may use the public drug insurance plan.

About Blue Cross prescription drug coverage

To ensure you are completely covered, Blue Cross offers complementary drug insurance coverage. To subscribe, you must be registered with the public drug insurance plan or have group insurance that provides partial coverage for prescription drugs. Our insurance is the perfect complement to the public plan, to which you must subscribe if you don’t have group insurance.

You can be worry-free with Blue Cross, as you benefit from a complementary drug insurance plan that, with no deductible, reimburses 100% of:

  • Co-insurance fees and deductibles that you pay to the pharmacist for your prescription drugs
  • The cost of some prescription drugs that don’t appear on the RAMQ’s list but that are covered by our product

Maybe you don’t have group health insurance with your current employer, or maybe you’re self-employed, retired or without group insurance. Regardless of your situation, we have a health insurance plan that will meet your health care needs.

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We have a variety of health insurance options to meet your unique health care needs. You will have confidence in knowing that your prescription drugs can be reimbursed at 100% without a deductible, giving you access to the medication you need to stay healthy. Our plans also include access to our members-only assistance program and the Blue Advantage discount program, both designed to help you effectively manage your health.

For information on our complementary prescription drug coverage, contact us today or get a free health insurance quote online.