Why visitors to Canada need travel insurance

While most people make sure they’re well protected at home, in everyday life, they sometimes forget that it’s important to take the same precautions when travelling out of their home country and while visiting Canada. When accidents happen, the resulting costs for hospital care and other medical expenses can quickly become a heavy burden.

Luckily there are insurance products specifically designed for people visiting or coming to live in Canada.

Isn’t medical care free in Canada?

Canadian citizens and residents have access to publicly funded medical insurance that covers basic medical care in the event of accidents or illness. This coverage, however, doesn’t extend to non-residents or anyone waiting for provincial health care to kick in. So, if you have an accident while vacationing in Canada, you’ll be responsible for the full cost of your medical care.

If you’re a recent immigrant to Canada, you may not yet be eligible for provincial medicare program where you live. Many provincial medicare programs have waiting periods between enrollment and access to coverage. This means any medical costs incurred during that wait time won’t be reimbursed and are not covered.

What’s visitors to Canada insurance?

As the name implies, visitors to Canada insurance covers people visiting the country. It covers basic emergency medical care costs, such as professional fees for doctors, hospital costs, prescription drugs, or some prescribed physician treatments.

The cost of a visitors to Canada policy depends on the needs of each insured person. Depending on your needs and how long you plan on staying, you can choose between different coverage amounts. The higher the coverage amount you choose, the higher the cost of the plan.

Do I need this insurance?

Visitors to Canada insurance is very important if you don’t already have full travel insurance coverage for your Canadian stay. You should protect yourself with Visitors to Canada insurance if you are:

  • Vacationing tourists
  • Foreign workers and students
  • Canadians returning to the country and newcomers who are awaiting admissibility to provincial health coverage
  • Super visa applicants

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