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Five mistakes to avoid when buying travel insurance

Five mistakes to avoid when buying travel insurance

More people are coming to understand the importance of obtaining travel insurance before leaving for vacation, especially for international travel. To make sure you are properly informed and prepared, consider these common mistakes that people make when choosing travel insurance.

  1. Comparing premium costs instead of services covered
    Choosing a plan based only on its cost can leave you under-insured and unprotected. Make sure you are aware of policy limitations, deductibles or high out-of-pocket costs that are sometimes hidden in the cheap travel insurance plans. Look at the coverage for pre-existing conditions and any special circumstances related to your trip, and be sure your insurance will protect you for the full duration of your trip.
  2. Declaring a false age or state of health
    Most travel insurance plans won't cover you for an illness that showed any signs or symptoms, or for which you consulted a doctor for before your trip. Hiding a health condition or providing an inaccurate age can result in a denial of services. Be open and honest with the agent who is selling you the insurance. Answer all questions truthfully and call back if you need to verify any information.
  3. Failing to cover the entire duration of a trip
    Don't make the mistake of scheduling additional travel outside the period covered by your travel insurance plan. Your travel insurance policy should cover the entire duration of the trip, or the coverage could be invalid. If you need to extend your trip, call the insurance company before the expiry date of the policy and ask if you are able to extend the coverage.
  4. Overlooking likely trip interruptions
    If you think there is a high chance that you may have to change or cancel your travel plans, it may be best to change your insurance plan. While your policy will usually adapt to events out of your control, it may not adjust itself to your every whim. For example, it may cover a hotel cancellation that is out of your control, but not your decision to stay elsewhere.
  5. Neglecting to read the contract
    Blue Cross travel insurance representatives will ensure that you understand the policy you purchase, but it is still vital to review your contract. This might not be the case with all insurance providers. If you have questions, be sure to ask and don't end up buying a plan that doesn't cover you properly or costs more than you budgeted for.

Being aware of these mistakes will help you stay on top of your trip planning and ensure that you purchase the right insurance plan.