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Since 1989, Blue Cross has partnered with the Children's Wish Foundation to make dream trips come true for Canadian children with high-risk, life-threatening illnesses.

Since partnering with the Children’s Wish Foundation, Blue Cross has been providing the travel insurance required for travel wishes, and waives the pre-existing clause for wish children. By helping make these wishes come true, wish kids have something to look forward to, so they can focus less on their next treatment. This dream can give them the energy and hope to go on.

Should anything happen while travelling, Blue Cross takes care of it. We are proud to say we have never refused granting a wish to an eligible child.

Take a few minutes to see how positively a wish affects these miraculous children and the people who love them. The impact begins at the moment the children learn that their dream will come true, and it lasts for a long time after.



Arianna’s dream of visiting Disney keeps her spirits high


In 2015, 4-year-old Arianna began to experience mysterious symptoms such as aching legs, sore spine, a growing bump on the back of her head and an infection in her finger that would not heal with antibiotics. Shelly, Arianna’s mom, kept taking her to doctors for repeated examinations.
Finally, an oncologist informed Shelly, “It’s not the news you want to hear but Arianna has cancer. I’m so sorry.”
For Shelly, that time remains one of the most shocking moments of her life.
The first six months of treatment were the most intense for Arianna and her family. There were many days and nights spent in the hospital. The time was both emotionally and financially very difficult for the family.
But while going through treatment, the prospect of having her most heartfelt wish granted by Children’s Wish, was the beacon of hope the young family needed. Arianna will be completing treatment in October 2017, two years after the initial symptoms. In the meantime, she is extremely excited to know that she will be going to fly on a plane to Disney.
“Talking about our trip to Disney has really kept her spirits up, says Shelly. It helps us too to know there’s a positive outcome.”


Mikayla’s Wish benefits her whole family


A day after Mikayla was born, doctors noticed her skin tone was off and she appeared to have trouble breathing. Shortly thereafter, parents Michael and Rose-Marie were given the devastating news that Mikayla had pulmonary atresia, a life threatening condition where the pulmonary valve doesn't develop properly, preventing it from opening. Blood can't flow from the right ventricle to the lungs.
Mikayla was immediately put on a donor list. Luckily, a donor was found and Mikayla was given a new heart in April 2009, when she was only 8-months-old.
Mikayla, now 7-years-old, has grown into a vibrant and vivacious little girl who loves swimming, fairy books, princesses and playing Minecraft.
Mikayla is overjoyed that her most heartfelt wish to visit Disneyland is going to be granted by Children’s Wish Foundation. And her older sisters Alexis and Emily are happy to be able to share in the joy of the wish as well.
“We haven’t been able to travel due to Mikayla’s health concerns and financial considerations so this wish is wonderful for us. We realize that Mikayla’s heart issues can be unpredictable even though she is currently in a good place, so we have vowed to fill her life with as much joy and happiness as we can. It means so much to us that people care enough about us to give Mikayla this wish,” Michael says.


The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada relies on the involvement of sponsors like us, and especially on the generosity of people like you. Help grant a child a wish and make a dream come true.

  • At Blue Cross, we are more than a little proud to help these courageous young people. The truth is that we feel privileged to help with their wishes.
  • “We are extremely thankful for Blue Cross travel insurance. Having that peace of mind was the glue that held all of the amazing pieces of the puzzle together. Without it, Maya's wish of going to visit Disney would not have happened. Not having that worry made our trip that much more enjoyable. Thank you, Blue Cross!”
    — Daniel Sapersilver, Maya’s father
  • “Blue Cross has been a valued partner and member of the Children’s Wish family for 25 years. With their continuous support, we have granted nearly 10,000 travel wishes – approximately 60% of every wish we’ve ever granted! We greatly appreciate the security and safety that they provide to our wish families. We simply couldn’t grant travel wishes without them.”
    — Chris Kotsopoulos, CEO, Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada
  • Blue Cross is proud to partner with the Children’s Wish Foundation, helping grant wishes to kids with high-risk, life-threatening illnesses.