Explore FAQs about Blue Cross Health Insurance Plans

To apply for a Blue Cross health insurance, you must:

  • Be a resident of Ontario
  • Have a valid OHIP card
  • Currently not be hospitalized
  • Meet the eligibility criteria for the product you are interested in

Unforeseen illnesses or accidents can happen at any time. Just as you insure your home and vehicle, your health requires protection.
Our plans provide a sense of security that can improve your quality of life. They can provide coverage, such as vision care, registered specialists and therapists, and emergency medical care.

Purchasing a Québec Blue Cross plan automatically grants you access to our exclusive discount program. 

No. Dental and drug benefits are offered only as options in some of our products.

No. All Blue Cross insurance plans require that you hold a valid provincial health insurance card. Our coverage is available to help you cover expenses beyond those that are covered under your provincial health care plan.


Blue Cross offers a wide range of health plans that include extended health care coverage, to which you can add optional benefits, such as prescription drugs, dental care and critical illness coverage. Life insurance is also offered as an option.

Since premiums are based on age, and since health care tends to be more expensive as we grow older, discounts are not available on our health insurance plans.

Blue Cross insurance plans cannot be modified. Depending on your needs, you can increase your protection with optional benefits such as supplementary prescription drug insurance and dental care. Contact us for more information.

Depending on the plan you applied for, coverage may start as early as the next business day. However, some plans involve a selection process. In this case, your coverage may not start for a few weeks. Some specific benefits may have a waiting period.

Blue Cross does not require a physical exam for health insurance coverage. However, depending on the plan you choose, you may be asked for information about your medical history.

Blue Cross does not require you to sign a contract for any length of time. However, if you want to cancel your Blue Cross insurance policy, you will need to provide a signed, written request. Some plans may require 30 days’ notice for a cancellation to be applied.

Select plans can include orthodontic coverage.