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19 activities to escape the cold

With the tightening of lockdown measures, it may be several months before non-essential travel is safe again. Here are some creative activities to get you through the next few months!

1. Take dance lessons

Whether you’re signing up for an online class with an instructor or using tutorials, if you’re more of the self-taught type, there are several options available to you to learn new dance steps!

2. Organize Olympics

Plan a series of skill or sporting events and make it a friendly competition with your family or a few friends - of course while respecting the distancing measures in place. You could for example:

  • Get a set of Mölkky (Finnish throwing game)
  • Play a game of bean bag toss
  • Play darts
  • Run an outdoor relay race
  • Organize an escape room in your home

To find ideas for inventive activities that you can practice indoors or outdoors in the snow, Pinterest is a real gold mine.

3. Treat yourself to a summer drink

Swap your hot cup of tea for something a little more refreshing! Here are a few “mocktail” (non-alcoholic cocktail) recipes that piqued our curiosity:

4. Plan a tropical getaway at home

Pull out a lounge chair, spread out a beach towel, pour yourself a cold drink, and indulge in a moment of total relaxation that will remind you of your last beach vacation. If you miss the feeling of sand between your toes, fill a box with fine sand, and dip your feet in it. This can also be used as a Zen garden for your meditations.

5. Plan a “‘summer”’ photoshoot

Photo challenges are a good way to develop your creativity and have fun reinventing or rediscovering your space. If you have a competitive soul, challenge your friends, and make it a contest.

6. Get a space heater or outdoor fireplace

To continue enjoying your patio or backyard despite the onset of fall, there’s nothing like a fireplace or a heat lamp to keep you warm. Hurry, because quantities are already limited in several stores!

7. Try a self-tanner

If you want to add a summery glow to your complexion, get a good quality self-tanner that suits your skin type, and follow the application instructions to avoid unpleasant surprises. Avoid tanning booths, which will have harmful effects on your skin in the long run.

8. Enjoy the virtues of light therapy

The link between seasonal depression and lack of sunlight is well known. If the lack of light affects you, invest in a light therapy lamp with an intensity of at least 2,500 lux. Be patient: it can sometimes take up to four weeks for benefits to appear.

9. Prepare your favorite summer recipes

Grilling and salads aren’t just for hot weather! You can use your barbecue even in winter, as long as it is a safe distrance from your house to avoid a fire hazard. Make sure your propane tank is full, as more fuel will be needed to maintain the accumulated heat.

10. Listen to music that reminds you of vacation

According to some experts, music and memory are closely linked. Music is considered a powerful stimulus that can help evoke happy memories or create new ones. So, there’s nothing like music to remind you of a trip that had a profound effect on you!

11. Take language courses

Learning a new language is a great way to soak up a new culture without leaving home. Choose a language spoken in a country that you would like to visit after the crisis: this will motivate you even more!

12. Try new cuisines at home

No need to travel outside the country to discover new flavors. Pick a cuisine that intrigues you and search for recipes online to learn how to whip up new dishes. You can also plan a themed evening with several courses, which will allow you to test different recipes!

13. Build a fort

Relive your childhood and build a fort with cushions, furniture and sheets. Tutorials are even available online to give you ideas. You can then settle into your cozy space and enjoy the opportunity to snuggle with a loved one or a furry friend.

14. Complain that poutine isn’t as good as in Quebec

A classic on vacation, right? To make the experience even more authentic, make your own version with cheese curds or - worse yet - grated cheese. Guaranteed fun… or not! 😉

15. Travel from home

Just because you’re in lockdown in your own home doesn’t mean you can’t discover new destinations and immerse yourself in new cultures! Check out our guest blogger’s tips on travelling without leaving home.

16. Add a tropical touch to your home decor

To give an exotic touch to your decor, get tropical plants from a specialized florist. String lights, lanterns or brightly colored accessories can also help give your home a summer feel.

17. Pamper yourself

Spoil yourself by planning a spa evening entirely devoted to your well-being at home. You could for example:

  • Take a long hot bath.
  • Create your own thermal experience by alternating from a very hot shower to a very cold one.
  • Massage your face or feet by following online tutorials.
  • Give yourself an original mani-pedi (no one will be able to see if you missed the mark anyway!)
  • Make a mask with ingredients you have in your kitchen (e.g., nourishing hair treatments with avocado, calming oatmeal masks for irritated skin).

18. Sing!

Plan a karaoke session at home using tracks available for free on YouTube or by subscribing to a specialized service. If the song you’re looking for isn’t available in karaoke form, sing along to the original track - no one will hold it against you. For the microphone, a hairbrush remains a classic! Just make sure your singing sessions take place at reasonable times so as not to disturb the neighbours.

19. Take a break from screen time

One of the main advantages of travelling abroad is that it allows us to escape our routine and forget about our daily responsibilities. To help you take a break, put all your electronics aside, and enjoy the moment.