A lady eats a healthy meal

The importance of eating well if you exercise

Your body needs enough energy for metabolic processes, and this is particularly true for people who exercise. Are you consuming enough of the appropriate nutrients?

When you exercise, you burn calories at a much higher rate than when you’re at rest. Because of this, it is important to ensure that you provide your body with not only enough fuel to get through the day, but also the right kind of fuel to make sure you have energy, which helps you avoid illness and prevent injury.

Many fad diets eliminate carbohydrates altogether for a quick reduction in body weight. These types of diets are unsustainable and do not provide the body with enough fuel, especially if you work out. Although there are many foods that contain “bad” carbohydrates, such as refined white bread or french fries, there are also many foods that contain “good” carbohydrates, and these are an important part of a healthy eating plan. Foods such as vegetables and fruits contain healthy carbohydrates. It is important to eat good carbohydrates before and after your work out. Eat whole-grain pasta or whole-grain rice to ensure that you have enough energy during your workout. After you workout, eating good carbohydrates along with a source of protein will help to build and repair your muscle tissue and replenish glycogen.