Woman with a personal trainer

Personal trainers

Are the services of a personal trainer really worth it? The answer depends on your personal goals and knowledge.

The cost of a personal trainer can range from $20 to $200 for a one-hour session, depending on the trainer’s expertise. This is a hefty investment if you are exercising three or four times every week, so how do you know if you actually need a personal trainer? If you have little or no experience with fitness or exercise, a personal trainer can be a valuable investment. The trainer will provide you not only with the knowledge you need about your abilities and how to achieve your fitness goals, he or she will also provide you with the motivation you may need to keep on track. Certified personal trainers can give you information on healthy eating, a diet appropriate to your lifestyle, exercise, muscle development, training and program development. Consider using a personal trainer for your initial health assessment and to map your fitness goals until you reach your comfort level. Once you develop a routine, you can venture out on your own.

If you are already in good shape and comfortable in the gym, a personal trainer can help you get out of your routine or push past a fitness plateau by introducing new methods to switch up your routine.

Whether you are new to fitness or have been at it for years, if you’re considering a personal trainer, factor in not only price, but also expertise, certification and reputation. References will give you the best idea of how a particular personal trainer works and whether he or she will work for you.