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How to make your fitness resolutions stick

Getting into shape is at the top of the list when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Everyone is seemingly ready to drop a few pounds after the holiday season; however, most of us fall short and fail to meet our resolution goals.

Why does this happen? Most people take the wrong approach to resolutions. Some of us make empty promises and are not really serious about making a change. Saying that you want to get into better shape is very different from creating a plan to accomplish your fitness goals and objectives. You need to have a plan and be willing to put in the time and effort to make your resolutions become a reality.

Ten effective ways to make your fitness resolutions stick

Are you ready to get serious about your fitness resolutions? Here are 10 ways to make your resolutions stick and get into shape in the new year:

  1. Be realistic: Being honest with yourself about your resolutions is key to achieving  results. Be realistic about your current fitness level and what you can reasonably expect to achieve this year, taking into account your dedication to reaching your goals and the amount of time you can invest.
  2. Be specific: A resolution such as “Lose 10 pounds by April 1st” is much more defined, specific and actionable than a resolution such as “Lose weight.” The more specific you are when you set your resolutions, the better.
  3. Set milestones: If you want to achieve your resolutions, setting milestones throughout the year will help you stay on track. For example, if you are serious about losing 10 pounds by April 1st, you can add milestones before that date, such as losing 3.5 pounds by the end of each month.
  4. Change your attitude about exercise: If you find exercise a chore, you will have a tough time being motivated and putting in the work to achieve your goals. Learn to enjoy exercise and make it a part of your lifestyle.
  5. Add variety: Adding variety to your fitness or diet plan is essential. It will not be easy to stay on track if all you eat is chicken and broccoli and your workout is the same each time you go to the gym. Change things up.
  6. Prioritize: It’s not uncommon for people to have a list of five to 10 resolutions, but a list this size is difficult to follow. If you want to get into shape, make your fitness resolution a priority and put all of your effort into this resolution rather than spreading yourself thin trying to accomplish multiple resolutions at the same time.
  7. Set incentives: Rewarding yourself from time to time is a great way to help with staying on track. An incentive can be a meal at your favourite restaurant, a day at the spa or even a new outfit. Choose something that will motivate you to meet your goals.
  8. Make it real: If you want to make your resolutions real, and if you want to be accountable for your goals, write them down and tell other people about them. This makes your resolutions tangible. Keep your list with you at all times and consider asking a friend of a loved one to check in with you about your progress from time to time.
  9. Track it: Tracking your progress is essential to achieving any fitness goal. Monitor your measurements and weight, and record your numbers every few weeks to ensure you are making progress.
  10. Expect a setback or two: Depending on how difficult your fitness goal is, you should expect to slip during the process. You might lack motivation, or life may get in the way. The important thing is to accept the setback and immediately get back on track. A setback is okay – you just need to overcome it.

If you follow the above advice, you will be in a better position to meet your fitness goals and follow through with your resolutions.