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Top 5 travel insurance myths

For many travellers, getting insurance before leaving is not on the list of priorities. Since unexpected issues can happen at any time, having insurance to protect you while travelling is very important. 

Here are five myths about travel insurance that will make you see things differently. 

  1. "I'm not going away long enough to get insurance." 
    Even for a last-minute ski weekend in the United States, travel insurance is essential to have coverage for emergency medical care. A sudden illness or an injury that requires an urgent visit to a doctor can be costly and ruin your getaway. The length of the stay does not matter: when you leave your province of residence, you should get in the habit of buying travel insurance. 
  2. "Travel insurance will cost me way too much."  
    Price is usually a critical factor in vacation planning. Who doesn’t want to save on their trip? However, opting for cheaper coverage or forgoing travel insurance altogether could be very costly in a medical emergency.
    In fact, travel insurance is more affordable than you might think.  

    Choose customizable protection

    At Québec Blue Cross®, premiums are established based on several factors such as the age, trip duration and health condition of the person to be insured. You can also customize your coverage by adding other benefits or choose the amount of your deductible to save on your premium. And if you travel often, year-round travel insurance coverage will save you even more! 

  3. "Getting travel insurance is long and complicated." 
    Purchasing travel insurance is very easy. With Québec Blue Cross, you can get a quote online or by contacting our customer service centre. All you need to do is provide some basic information,  then choose the coverage that best suits your needs from the options offered.
    If further information is required, a customer service agent will assist you through each step and explain the solutions available to you. 
  4. "All medical expenses are covered by my provincial health insurance plan." 
    Whether you are going abroad or staying in the country, purchasing a travel insurance policy is the only way to make sure you are covered in case of an emergency. Although you benefit from limited coverage through the RAMQ, the amount you will have to pay for services not reimbursed by the government health insurance plan, such as ambulance transportation, will generally be higher than the cost of a travel insurance policy. According to RAMQ, “certain hospital and health professional services are covered outside Québec provided that you are eligible for health insurance. In most cases, however, they will only be partially reimbursed.” It’s for this reason that the RAMQ recommends obtaining private insurance before departure. 
  5. "I'm in good health, I don't need insurance." 
    No matter your age or health condition, a medical emergency or even an accident can happen at any time (e.g., infection, stomach flu, allergic reaction, bad fall). Plus, travel insurance can cover much more than the cost of medical emergencies. It can insure you in the event of trip cancellation or interruption, or in the event of baggage loss, theft or delay of more than 12 hours. 


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