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Best times of year to head south

Tempted by the fabulous deals travel agents are constantly dangling in front of us? Make sure you know when and where it’s best to travel when you’re looking for a tropical getaway. Here’s how to save and—most importantly—experience the best weather.

What kind of traveller are you?

Choosing a destination can be complicated. Preferences vary from one person to another, and there are so many countries eager to welcome you.

Asking yourself a few simple questions can help shorten your list of potential destinations.

E.g.: What do I like to do?

  • Swim?
  • See the sights?
  • Meet the locals?
  • Seek adventure?
  • Lounge around?

Choisissez votre cielSelect your season

Research average temperatures for the countries that interest you. Climate should be a big part of your decision. A little wind and rain never hurt anyone, as long as it all blows over, but you probably want to avoid heading to a sunny destination during their rainy season.


South America and the American deserts are fabulous getaway destinations

Surfers can always count on Hawaii’s giant waves.

The dry season is great in Cuba and the West Indies—the water’s just right and the bugs are scarce.

Remember that hotels and resorts take weather into account. You’ve heard of low season and high season. Be strategic. For balmy weather at reasonable prices, try leaving when peak holiday periods are over and everyone else is heading back to work.


Florida and Bermuda are especially welcoming, just before the rainy season—which ends at the same time in Peru and Bolivia.

For the more adventurous, check out the best-kept secret on the Mexican Riviera—Manzanillo.

There’s also Kenya, as things are just turning cooler and breezier.

Summer discounts

If you’re sensitive to price, your best bet is undoubtedly at the end of August. Resorts are less busy as most people have already taken their summer vacation.

Bonus—the odds of great weather are good for the Caribbean and Central America, though you should watch out for travel advisories and hurricane warnings for certain destinations.

For mountain hikes and views that will take your breath away without breaking the bank, mid-July in the national parks of the American Southwest is the place to be. Further south there’s the desert, but at higher elevations days are bright and dry in places like Yosemite and you can do some climbing without a care in the world.


Consider southern Italy, Andalusia, and the Greek islands for lower-cost sunny adventures.

Opportunities are always cropping up on the Cuban and Mexican coastlines. Watch for last-minute deals while keeping one eye on the quality of accommodations.

Unforeseen weather complications

Protect yourself with trip cancellation and interruption insurance from Blue Cross, which covers the non-refundable part of your prepaid travel expenses. It also insures you if you unexpectedly have to come home early due to an unexpected emergency.

Don’t wait. Start planning your dream vacation today!

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