Joyful couple on a trip

Depart healthy for a successful trip

Travel is exciting, but with so many things to do before you set off for the airport, you may neglect the basics of departing healthy. To ensure your vacation is the highlight of your year, follow these essential tips.

Boost your body’s defenses

If you're planning to travel outside your home country, you may need to protect yourself against some diseases found in other parts of the world. The types of vaccinations you need will vary depending on the countries you're planning to visit and the activities you'll engage in. In general, travel experts recommend that you schedule your vaccinations at least 6-8 weeks before the start of your trip to allow your body time to build up immunity.

Stock up on first aid essentials

Travel first aid kits are a must-have item, especially if you're preparing yourself for a long trip to an exotic destination. When you’re on an airplane, it's not always possible to avoid contact with all potential sources of infection, so it's essential to stock up on antibacterial wipes and alcohol-based hand sanitizers. These will also help to minimize your risk of picking up germs from contaminated surfaces. It's also important to arm yourself with remedies for common travelling ailments such as digestive issues.

Keep motion sickness at bay

Everyone has the potential to suffer from motion sickness, but if you're particularly prone to this uncomfortable condition,book a window seat over the wings of the airplane, since this area of the plane experiences the least movement. Fix your eyes on the horizon throughout the course of your flight to keep your bearings. If experience has taught you that you can't treat your motion sickness through self-care techniques alone, seek motion sickness medications from your physician.

Allow yourself room to move

Airplane seats allow little room for movement, so unless you're lucky enough to be flying first class, you'll need to dress comfortably. Clothes made from stretchy, breathable materials will enable you to move freely, while slip-on shoes teamed with flight socks or stockings will improve blood flow to your lower limbs, reducing your risk of deep vein thrombosis.

By taking these simple precautions prior to your departure, you'll help yourself feel refreshed and ready for action upon your arrival.