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Six simple steps to plan your dream vacation

Almost every person has a dream vacation in mind. Everyone has a place in the world they have always wanted to visit or a dream vacation experience they want to have with their friends and family. However, before you pack your bags and make your daydream a dream vacation, you need to plan it out.

Planning your dream vacation

There is a lot to think about when planning any vacation, let alone an ultimate vacation experience. When to travel, with whom, budget, location, mode of transportation, excursions, documentation and many other factors all have to be considered before you depart for your trip.

To help make your dream trip everything you thought it would be, here are some tips to help you plan it:

  1. Ideas: It’s not uncommon for people to have multiple ideas for their dream vacation. Brainstorm the places you would like to visit, the things you want to experience and when you want to travel to narrow down your options.
  2. Budget: This is always a factor when planning a vacation. How much you want to spend on your trip will also help you narrow your options. Remember to consider additional travel costs for food, excursions, spending money and travel supplies. Don’t forget to factor in the time you will need to save money to pay for your trip.
  3. Timing: Choose a time of year when you want to travel. Your trip idea may play a role in which time of the year you will travel. Try to block out two or three periods of the year to give yourself some flexibility when you book.
  4. Booking options: The Internet has changed the way people book vacations. Spend some time exploring your travel options using various travel websites. You may also consider using a travel agent. Remember, you may be able to save money on your trip if you are flexible with things such as your departure date, trip duration and your city of departure.
  5. Confirm everything: It’s always a good idea to double check all your travel plans before your departure date. There is often a reasonable gap between when you book a trip and when you leave. Make sure your passport is up to date, your flight and accommodations are confirmed, transportation is arranged for your arrival and all activities are booked. Print all confirmations and keep a copy in your email inbox.
  6. Travel insurance: Your dream vacation could quickly turn into a nightmare without travel insurance. From a medical emergency and lost baggage, to any unexpected emergency, you never know what could happen when you travel. Vacation travel insurance protects your financial investment in your trip and ensures you will be taken care of, no matter what issues you run into.

What is your dream vacation? Is it a trip to Disneyland with the kids? Is it surfing in Hawaii? Driving across the country with your closest friends? Whatever it is, it’s important to ensure you can travel with confidence and enjoy your trip worry-free by getting comprehensive travel insurance. Blue Cross has travel insurance solutions for all travellers, so no matter where your dream vacation takes you, we have the personalized travel insurance coverage you need.