People walking in the airport with their luggage

How to get through airport security quickly

Use these tips to get into and through airport security as quickly and easily as possible.

Do you fly frequently?

Many airlines offer priority security screening for frequent flyers. Even if you don't fly often, purchasing a business class ticket or better is usually enough to get you access to the priority screening line.

Limit wearing metal

Save yourself extra time and embarrassment in the security line by keeping any metal components of your wardrobe to a minimum. If possible, avoid wearing footwear, belts or pants with metal buckles on them, and remove any hidden piercings before you reach the security line. Once you reach the X-ray machine, empty your pockets of metal items (including car keys, coins or jewellery) into the trays provided. Having those items ready, and removing your coat or suit jacket before you reach the head of the line will save you some time and fumbling.

Pack carefully

Charge large technology (laptops and video, film or digital cameras) before you get to the airport, as you may be asked to turn them on at the security checkpoint. Pack those items where you can get at them easily and put them in the trays provided so they can be inspected quickly. The exception to this is laptop cases that are specially made to open up so the laptop can be X-rayed separately without being removed from the bag.

Believe it or not, neatness counts too. Having a neatly packed bag that's not overflowing means that if security staff riffle through the rest of your belongings, you can put everything back together quickly. If you're bringing gifts, leave them unwrapped so they are easy to inspect.

Plan ahead

You can save even more time at security checkpoints by thinking ahead. Before you pack, make sure you're not carrying any prohibited items in your carry-on luggage. Some items, such as hunting knives and sport bats, can be packed in your checked luggage instead, while others are entirely prohibited. Limit carry-on liquids, gels or aerosols to containers of 100 mL or less, all of which must fit into a resealable plastic bag with a capacity of at most 1 L.

As long as you're browsing the Web, you might as well check in online too. Breezing right past the counter or kiosk lines will get you into, and through, security that much faster. Most importantly, before you get on the plane, make sure you have s comprehensive travel insurance plan.