Six tasks to help you prepare for house guests and be the ultimate host

Many people enjoy having house guests. It’s a great way to have an extended visit with family or friends. It gives you the chance to entertain and play host for an evening or more, depending on how long your guests will stay. It can also be stressful: perhaps your in-laws are coming for a visit and you want the house to be perfect, or your guests are friends whom you really want to impress. Or you may even rent your home or a room.

The key to hosting is being prepared before your guests arrive. This means getting all the chores done around the house, running errands and picking up any last-minute items to ensure your guests have a wonderful stay.

Here are six tasks that will help get your home ready for guests:

  1. Clean the house: This is likely number one on everyone’s list. No one wants their guests arriving before the house is cleaned. If you know when your guests are coming, plan your cleaning accordingly. This will give you the chance to clean over time rather than doing everything at the last minute.
  2. Stock up the guest bathroom: While many people travel with their own toiletries, your guests may not. Make sure your bathroom is stocked with everything they may need: towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and anything else you yourself might need if you were a guest at someone’s home.
  3. Prepare the guest bedroom: Having a cozy room for your guests will be much appreciated. Wash the sheets and pillow cases, dust, vacuum and stock up the bedroom with things your guests may like, such as some reading material, bottled water and extra blankets. If you don’t have a guest room, get the pull-out couch or air mattress ready and have sleeping supplies (pillows, blankets) easily accessible for when your guests want to retire for the evening.
  4. Stock up on groceries: Picking up some extra refreshments and snacks is always a good idea. You can even impress your guests by picking up some of their favourite snacks!
  5. List of things to do: Hosting guests often means making trips to check out the local sights. Come up with a few ideas of places your guests may want to see and things they may want to do. Choose outings based on what your guests like to do.
  6. House instructions: Providing a list of house instructions is a good idea, especially if you will be away (at work, running errands, etc.) while your guests are visiting. Give them the code for your security system, leave important phone numbers, the Wi-Fi password and even a spare key to the house.

While preparing for house guests, the most important thing to do is help them feel as comfortable as possible. Think about your guests, and do what you can to help them enjoy their stay.