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Top 10 destinations for a getaway

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for a long vacation. Yet a few days away may be all you need to relax and enjoy a change of scenery. Here are 10 short-haul destinations to inspire you where you can have a great time, despite a lack of time.

Short vacation destinations

  1. A few days in New York
    This is probably one of the most popular destinations to escape to for a few days. New York is easily accessible from almost anywhere in Canada and offers travellers a truly unique experience. Whether it’s the amazing museums and galleries, its history, Broadway, incredible shopping and even some nearby beaches, New York really does have something for everyone.
  2. An escape to Mexico
    If you believe you need at least a week away to bask in the sun, stop kidding yourself. There are plenty of short stays in Mexico available easily online or through your travel agent and you can perfect your tan over a relaxing long weekend.
  3. A Rocky Mountain Break
    The Canadian Rockies are just an hour and a half drive out of Calgary. Whether you want to spend a few days skiing at Banff, visiting Lake Louise, exploring glaciers or simply enjoying the renowned hospitality and warmth of Albertans, travelling to the Rockies is a perfect way to relax and recharge.
  4. San Francisco
    San Francisco boasts more than just the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. It’s a city filled with history and an ideal vacation spot for wine lovers. A guided walking tour of the city is an ideal way to familiarize yourself with its many attractions. The sunsets over Ocean Beach have to be seen to be believed, there are an array of very fine local eateries – in short San Francisco is a great place for a few days away and you’ll certainly to return for a longer stay.
  5. Cuba in a few days
    Exploring the wonders of Havana or snorkelling in the warm waters admiring the fish, all of that’s possible in a short visit to Cuba. Only a few hours in the air separate you from Cuba’s vibrant culture and the paradise of its many beaches. There are quite a few 3 to 5 day packages available.
  6. Marvelous Montreal
    Montreal is a great choice to get out of your routine for a few days. Old Montreal, with its historical building and view onto the St. Lawrence River, the city’s many fine parks and the excitement of downtown with a vibrant art scene and festival life offer you an array of choices. Impressive museums, excellent restaurants and diverse neighbourhoods make it an ideal destination for food lovers and culture vultures.
  7. Sunny days in Jamaica
    Jamaica is another beach destination that is easily done in less than a week. Many hotels and resorts offer three to five-day packages. You can either buy a package online yourself or book through your travel agent.
  8. Sensational Seattle
    Seattle is a lovely West Coast destination with amazing local produce at Pike Place Market, splendid cityscape views from the ferry and historic Pioneer Square neighbourhood. A short stay in Seattle offers you a lot of very pleasant surprises.
  9. East Coast USA
    A few hours’ drive separates the eastern Canadian border from the beaches of New England. Sublime New England chowder and fantastic lobster rolls are definitely on the menu. Cities like Portland, Maine and Boston are rich in history and culture. Simply explore the map and choose a beach on which to catch some rays and enjoy the surf.
  10. Weekend getaway at home?
    Toronto, aside from the impressive CN Tower, is also home to the Royal Ontario Museum and the fabulous AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario. Perhaps North America’s most ethnically diverse metropolis, from Chinatown to Little Italy, the Danforth and beyond, you can sample a cultural kaleidoscope minutes from downtown. If you need something more pastoral, Niagara Falls is a short hour and a half drive away. Closer, still, are the beautiful Toronto islands. Big city excitement or quiet Ontario country, the choice is yours.

Gabrielle Asselin