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The best free mobile travel tools

Travelling with a mobile device on hand makes organizing your travels so much easier. Whether you’re hunting for the ideal hotel room or want to take that perfect picture, there are a lot of apps and sites available to help you. Here are a few you might want to visit and download as you prepare for your next trip.

Trip planning apps

This is hands down my favourite travel app. Once you’ve installed, just download the map of the region or city you plan to visit. You can then use it to map out an itinerary or find a restaurant, even while being offline.

Google Maps

Google Maps allows you really precise itinerary planning. Plus, there are more detailed items on the maps than what you’ll find on The downside is that it’s really only effective when you’re online and not so functional offline, that’s why I gave it a second-place ranking.


Uber hardly needs an introduction. Whether at home or abroad, it’s comforting to know that you can get a ride almost anywhere you find yourself.

A service in case of a flight delay

Flight Delay Service

If you’re travelling with Blue Cross® travel insurance then Flight Delay ServiceMC is your number one companion if your flight is delayed. You just have to register your flight number and travel insurance contract number on the website and the service will advise you of flight delays, all on your mobile device. Depending on how long the delay is, you may be entitled to a hotel room, an airport lounge or a financial payment.

*Flight Delay Service looks after Blue Cross clients before they even leave for their trip. If an emergency arises during a trip, contact the emergency assistance centre. Blue Cross travel assistance is available 24/7.

An app to learn more about your destination

Bon voyage – Canada

The Government of Canada’s Travel Smart app gives you complete access to the site with detailed information on everything from local climate and weather conditions to travel entry requirements.

A communications app


This app is my favourite for either phone or SMS texting. Whether you want to stay connected with folks at home or with your new-found travelling companions (with international area codes), WhatsApp makes it all very easy.

A foreign currency exchange app

XE Currency

XE Currency is continually updated in real-time, giving you the latest accurate foreign currency exchange rates. You can check on the exact exchange rate for the country you're visiting.

Photo apps


Instagram has become most people’s point of reference for photo apps. Whether in your day-to-day documenting of your life or while you’re travelling, the apps filters help you polish your pictures and you choose whether your profile is public or private. A great way to share your travel adventures with really fine-looking photos.


While not as famous as Instagram, this app allows you to do enhanced editing of your photographs with filters and advanced manual editing tools. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be amazed at the quality of the adjustments you can make with its software. I know I was.

Hotel and flight reservation apps


Hopper is ideal for shopping around for airfares. It shows your price range variations and suggestions for the best time to buy tickets. When you research your flights, register to be alerted for the right time to purchase.

Skyscanner and/or KAYAK

When I plan a trip, I really to like to shop around for my flights. I think it’s important to have a good overview of what various airlines have on offer. That saves you from having to go to individual airline sites to comparison shop. Prices can vary from site to site, so it’s a good idea to check out a few.


The thing I like about TripAdvisor, is that it allows me to compare hotel prices of places I’m interested in on a single app. The app also has very handy comments and reviews from fellow travellers. That certainly helps me decide where I might stay.

Gabrielle Asselin