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Why call the travel assistance service

Getting sick or having an accident is beyond disconcerting, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar country or don’t speak the language. Fortunately your Blue Cross® travel insurance includes a reliable, globally recognized medical assistance service that’s there for you wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Here’s a list of reasons for calling medical assistance whenever you need a doctor.

To get a personalized assessment

The Blue Cross travel assistance service has a team of specialists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your call will include a thorough assessment of your condition and needs so you can be referred to a doctor who can treat you. If for example you experience sudden eye pain, our case managers will recommend a hospital that offers emergency ophthalmological services. To make sure every aspect of your health is taken into account, they can call on in-house health professionals such as nurses and physician-advisors.

To get proper care

Some people think they’ll be cared for just as well no matter where in the world they are. Not so. Healthcare standards vary widely from one country to another depending on things like the availability of skilled health workers and funding.

If you need a doctor, the case managers at medical assistance will point you to a dependable, accredited healthcare provider with the qualifications and equipment to treat you.

To get support dealing with payment issues

Hospitals and clinics abroad often require advance payment for medical services. If you don’t pay, they may refuse to help you, even in an emergency. And the cost of healthcare can be astronomical. You may not have the money to get in.

If that happens and circumstances permit, medical assistance can get the necessary funds to service providers. That means you’ll get the care you need as soon as possible.

To get an interpreter

Normally it’s no big deal if you’re less than fluent in the language of the country you’re travelling in. But that all changes if you need to describe medical symptoms to a health professional or understand a treatment plan.

Medical assistance can help you clear the language barrier and communicate effectively with healthcare providers, thanks to interpretation services covering more than 140 different languages and dialects.

To follow up with your specialists

Medical assistance keeps a close eye on your file while you’re under treatment. Case managers, working with a physician-advisor, examine your medical reports and contact healthcare providers for any questions or recommendations.

If necessary, they'll get in touch with your family doctor or attending physician for information about you and your health.

To manage your transportation


Sometimes getting the care you need involves an ambulance to the hospital, an evacuation, or repatriation to your home province.

If that happens, medical assistance will step in and carefully plan out every step of your journey, making sure you get the mode of transportation that’s safe and appropriate for your condition. Medical assistance can also coordinate the return of your dependent children, vehicle, and even Fido!

To give your family peace of mind

If you wish, medical assistance case managers can update your family regarding the incident and your treatment plan. That way you’re spared having to worry about tracking them down and telling them what happened.

And if your hospital stay goes past a certain number of days, they can make arrangements for a member of your family to travel to your bedside.

To make sure you’re safe

If ever there’s a problem, medical assistance will act quickly to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. The case managers have all kinds of ways to get you out of difficult situations and set things up so you can get back to getting better.

To have someone you can count on

To sum up: you need medical assistance so you can get the right care under the best possible conditions. From your initial call, a whole team of experts will be on the case, supporting you throughout your treatment until you’re either back on your feet again or back home.

Get the best support there is while you’re out adventuring. Consider taking out travel insurance before your departure. Check out our solutions to find coverage that’s right for you.