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Flight Delay Service: Enjoy Added Benefits at No Extra Cost with Québec Blue Cross Travel Insurance

Are you searching for the best travel insurance for your next adventure? Look no further than Québec Blue Cross. Our tailored travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage. Plus, if your flight is delayed, our Flight Delay Service provides exclusive benefits at no extra cost.

Benefits That Matter

Flight delays can be frustrating, but our Flight Delay Service makes the wait a more pleasant experience.

Picture yourself eagerly awaiting your European adventure with just a backpack by your side. A 3-hour delay might put a dent in your travel plans, but it won’t stop you from exploring Gaudí’s Park Güell in Barcelona or the Dordogne Valley in France. Relax in the comfort of an airport lounge while recharging for your trip.

For couples planning a romantic getaway, a 6-hour delay is a breeze knowing a cozy hotel room awaits. And don’t worry—the gondolas of Venice and the ancient ruins of Rome will still be there when you arrive.

Flight Delay Service: Easy to Use and Included at No Extra Charge

Flight delays can be very disappointing when you have been looking forward to your vacation. That’s why Québec Blue Cross includes Flight Delay Service in our emergency medical travel insurance policies—at no additional cost.1

As well as being straightforward and easy to use, the Flight Delay Service provides benefits during flight delays of 3 hours or more. Simply register online at least 24 hours before your departure. If your flight is delayed, you will automatically receive a notification (via email or SMS) to enjoy the benefits below: 

  • 3 + hours delay: Access to an airport lounge.2 
  • 6 + hours delay: Hotel room reservation3 and compensation of $50 per person up to $250 per contract.4

If an airport lounge2 or hotel room3 isn’t available, you’ll instantly receive compensation by Interac e-transfer or direct deposit. Everything is paid directly by Québec Blue Cross travel insurance—no claim forms to submit.

Choose Expertise from Québec Blue Cross

For nearly 50 years, Québec Blue Cross has been a trusted partner for travellers worldwide. Our extensive global network ensures quick access to the care you need, no matter where you are. With our 24/7 travel assistance, you can embark on your journey with confidence. 

To select your travel insurance and benefit from the Flight Delay Service, get an online quote in just a few minutes.

1Visitors to Canada product, group travel insurance, health insurance products (including those with travel coverage) offered by Québec Blue Cross, are not eligible for Flight Delay Service.  

2These benefits are offered to each insured person who is registered on the flight subject to the delay. In cases where there is no lounge space at the airport, you will receive an allowance of $40 for each person insured on the contract.  

3In cases where there are no rooms available within the airport perimeter, you will receive an allowance of $250 per contract.  

4Monetary compensation is subject to a limit of $1,000 per contract. Annual contracts are subject to a limit of $1,000 per 12-month period.