Serenity Service

1. Who is eligible for the service?

You are eligible if you travel during the coverage period of your Blue Cross travel

insurance policy1.


2. Do I need to have cancellation / interruption insurance to receive the service?

No, the service is included regardless of the guarantee(s) to which you have subscribed


3. If I have cancellation / interruption insurance, am I entitled to all my benefits

in addition to the service?

Yes. The Serenity service is offered in addition to the coverage you already have.


4. What do I need to do to access the service?

In order to access the service, you must be registered on the Serenity Service’s platform

at least one hour before the scheduled departure time of your flight.


5. What happens if my flight delay is announced progressively until finally

reaching 3 or 6 hours?

The delay time is calculated from the original departure time.

As soon as the delay reaches or exceeds three or six hours, if it is in one or more

announcements, you are entitled to compensation or services provided.


6. How will you let me know I have access to the lounge or hotel?

We will send you a text message (SMS) and an email with a link to a web page, from

there, you will be able to download your access ticket to the airport lounge and/ or

your hotel reservation.


7. Do I need to pay for the hotel?

No, the Serenity service is responsible for booking and paying the hotel room.

All you need to do is submit the booking confirmation which will be sent to you

by text message and email at the hotel reception.


8. What happens if the lounge is overbooked or there is no lounge at the airport?

In the event that no airport lounge is available, or the lounge is overbooked, a monetary

compensation of $40 per traveler will be paid in real time.


9. What happens if there is no hotel near the airport or there are no more

rooms available?

In the event that no hotel room is available, a single monetary compensation of $250

per Blue Cross travel insurance policy will be offered.


10. How will I receive the monetary compensation?

Monetary compensations are paid in real time via PayPal, Interac transfer or direct deposit

to your bank account, depending on the option selected when you registered.

A text message (SMS) and an email will be sent to you when the transfer is made.


11. Will I need to keep any receipts or file a claim form?

No, no receipt or claim form is required.


12. If my flight is canceled, am I entitled to benefits?

Unfortunately, canceled flights are not supported by the Service Serenity.

The service is provided to offer you support in case of flight delays only.


13. Who do I contact if there is a problem?

If there’s a problem, please call 1-877-700-2538.


14. What is the deadline to register my flight?

You can register your flight up to an hour before the scheduled flight date.


15. What happens if I miss the deadline to register my flight?

Unfortunately, if you miss the registration deadline, you will not be able to benefit from

the Serenity service.


16. Am I required to have access to an internet network when the flight is delayed

to benefit from this service?

Yes. Access to the airport lounge, hotel reservations and monetary compensation are sent

in real time by text messaging (SMS) and email.


17. Are roaming charges or charges related to the use of a Wi-Fi network included?

No, roaming or cellular charges (including SMS or internet charges) are not covered by

Blue Cross.


1 Visitors to Canada, group insurance, health insurance products with a travel guarantee, and CAA-Québec travel insurance products insured by Blue Cross are not eligible for the Serenity Service.