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Solutions d’assurance voyage

Vous vous demandez quel type d’assurance voyage vous convient le mieux? Vous aimeriez savoir quelle couverture souscrire et pour combien de temps? Peu importe vos besoins, Croix Bleue vous offre une solution adaptée à vos projets de voyage et à votre budget.


For your winter getaway, nothing can protect you better than our snowbird travel insurance.


We have the best travel insurance to protect you and your family no matter where you travel.

Students studying abroad

Are you a student preparing to study abroad? We offer travel insurance tailored to your specific needs.

Single-trip travel

A weekend getaway, a week in the sun or the trip of a lifetime. Protect your health and your travel investment.

Short-stay frequent travellers

Do you travel often on short trips and getaways? We have an annual plan for you.

Canadians Travelling in Canada

Taking a trip to another province? Travel insurance is a must.

Frequent travellers

If you travel more than once within a year, this plan was made for you!

Visitors and Recent immigrant

Visiting Canada? Are you a newcomer, a foreign worker or student? Waiting for a super visa? Here’s the coverage you need.

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